The Pet Shop Story

The need for a different kind of pet store inspired our founder to create The Pet Shop in 1975. His vision was to put the health and happiness of all his pets first which created our company motto: “Animals First in All That We Do.” For 40 years we have been doing just that. We have grown into a three store full line pet shop carrying every imaginable pet, from Hermit Crabs and Bearded Dragons to Puppies and Kittens.

Our Pet Counselors all love what they do in caring for and handling all our pets. Many of whom started as customers prior to coming to work for us. Every one has taken our exclusive training and testing program and will love answering any of your pet questions.

The Pet Shop Philosophy

The Pet Shop StoryWe believe that the bond between human and animals is a remarkable gift and should be available to all and treated with the utmost care. We nurture this gift by providing all our Pet Shop parents with quality pet care products and knowledgeable advice in a fun and welcoming environment.

The Pet Shop 3 Core Values

Cherish and Nurture: Provide a healthy and happy environment for pets where love and compassion are the foundation for their care
Be The Trusted Expert: Listen with care, answer with knowledge, and act with integrity
Foster the Human/Animal Bond: Recognize that a pet’s unconditional love is priceless and changes all our lives for the better. This is why we encourage all our guests of all ages to play with and enjoy the pets when they visit.