Pet Shop Puppy Benefits

We believe that the bond between human and animals is a remarkable gift and The Pet Shop is committed to providing our customers with the healthiest and best cared for puppies available anywhere. After 40 years in providing families with the lifelong friendship and loyalty that dogs bring into our lives we always have and will continue to provide the most comprehensive puppy benefits and warranty coverage that you can find anywhere. Once a Pet Shop puppy has passed our screening he or she is ready to take home with extra confidence that you cannot get anywhere else.

There Are Five(5) Sources for Families to Acquire a New Puppy

  1. Professional Breeders
  2. Hobby Breeders
  3. Show Breeders
  4. Internet
  5. Shelters and Rescues

We Believe Partnering With Professional Breeders The Best Source

There are many good points about all these sources and each individual family’s interests are different. We believe that for a family pet that can be enjoyed as a puppy and brought up with the family that the professional breeders are the ones who can offer the support and expertise in all critical areas. In many cases we have selected puppies from some of our breeders for over 20 years so both you and we know exactly who they are and the protocols that they have used to have been so successful in breeding beautiful and healthy puppies.

The Value of a Pet Shop Puppy

  • Free One Year Life and Hereditary Warranty
  • Free 10 day Health Warranty
  • Free Spay or Neuter Store Credit Certificate To Promote Responsible Pet Owners
  • Free Vet Visit Through Some of Our Veterinarians
  • Up To Date Shots and Wormings
  • Free Lifetime Training and House Breaking Assistance Through Any of Our Staff
  • Free Microchip in Some Puppies
  • Free Pet Adoption Service
  • 48 Hour Return Policy