The health of all of our puppies is our top priority and is why our USDA certified breeders follow a vet certified program with scheduled vaccinations and regular examinations performed by a licensed veterinarian. All of our puppies have been examined by a licensed veterinarian at least 3 times prior to going to a new home!

The Pet Shop promise to you:

  • All of our Pet Shop puppies receive all required vaccinations and worming treatments during their stay with us.
  • All Pet Shop puppies come with a comprehensive health, hereditary, and life warranty.
  • Each of our Pet Shops has dedicated and trained kennel technicians whose only job is to ensure that all kennels follow a thorough daily maintenance and health schedule.
  • All Pet Shop Pet Counselors have been trained and tested on all aspects of puppy ownership and are able to help customers with any questions they may have about their new puppy.
  • All Pet Shop puppies are treated with compassion and respect by all of our team members who love working with our pets.
  • All Pet Shop puppies receive the appropriate amount of daily exercise as per our veterinarians certified exercise plan.

  • All Pet Shop puppies are bred as companion pets and are not meant to be used for specialty functions such as breeding, showing, guarding, or hunting.

  • Click Here for PA Puppy Warranty