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Mark B.

Amanda was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She knew a lot about the Chouzer I bought and was very thorough in explaining everything needed to take care of the puppy. It was a great experience.

Christine L.

The experience was great. I bought a guinea pig and they gave me a wonderful cage with it that came with the kit.

Leslie N.

I have been very happy with the service in The Pet Shop in the Easton branch. The facility is very clean and the animals look healthy and happy.

Donna S.

I purchased 2 puppies from The Pet Shop over the years and they were both very healthy dogs. The employees are very kind and helpful. I would also like to add that this is the cleanest and most well kept pet shop in the area.

Sharon, Rick, & Ricky Y.

We bought our 3 Scotties from The Pet Shop. Our sales people were very helpful with any questions that we had. Wonderful service with the store. We were very careful about where we wanted to purchase our puppies and would recommend The Pet Shop to anyone considering a new puppy.

Steve S.

They were very eager to help and very knowledgeable. They also gave my new pup a bath and trimmed his nails and did it quickly while we went over the paperwork. They are a very helpful, friendly staff.

Carol H.

My new puppy, Lucy, is just great and even though it was extremely busy the day I picked her up they still took the time to trim her nails and groom her.

Aurora K.

My Shiffon puppy Pebbles is a wonderful dog and was given a clean bill of health from her vet. She has adjusted very quickly and the staff there was was very kind, courteous and knowledgeable and they also took the time to find the perfect pet for my two daughters.

Christopher H.

The puppy was bathed, nails trimmed and they were able to hold my puppy until I got done from work. The staff there was fantastic.

Diane H.

You guys are great, very helpful and courteous and they helped me with the whole potty training thing.
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